Our rates: <generally>

  • RMB1000/once (only general sexy service, not including blow job)
  • RMB1500/1 hours (full service)(500/hour for extra hours)
  • RMB2000/2 hours (full service)
  • RMB3000 for over night (full service)
  • RMB5000 for 24 hours (full service)
  • RMB5000 for 2-3 hours (full service and anal service)
  • RMB6000 for overnight (full service and anal service)

US $1 = RMB6.9 HK$ 1= RMB 0.90

dollars epos, Canada dollars, RMB are all OK, !!cash only!!

Note: if you r not in hotel room, but in your apartment room, you should pay the girl when you meet, not after finished. [just like you buy goods in the market, pay it when you need, not after used out]

Must read the below examples!!

  • If you are one man, and need two girls at the same time, should pay each of them, for example, you need two girls for two hours you should pay RMB4000 total
  • If you are tow men need two girls for two hours, every one need each, pay each girl RMB1500, also RMB3000 total
  • If you are 2 men need two girls for two hours, and you need exchange games, should pay RMB6000 total
  • If you are 3 men, need 3 girls for two hours, and need exchange games, should pay RMB1500*3*3=RMB13500, if you need for each one, that means 1 girl for 1 man, then should pay RMB4500 total
  • Receipt is provided, but should pay the extra 6% for tax, thank you very much!